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Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC has assisted major law firms in developing or improving environmental management systems for companies that have been or may be indicted for or convicted of environmental crimes and/or there was potential for civil penalties or tort litigation. Frank Friedman has been an expert witness or expert in cases involving historical and/or present standards for management systems in tort and contract cases.

Frank Friedman has also advised the U.S. Department of Justice and EPA on management systems and environmental auditing.

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We provide expert assistance when companies are in danger of losing their federal contractor status or have consent decrees imposed that mandate an environmental management system. Our work also involves, in some instances, assisting in the defense of debarment proceedings.

Frank Friedman has also acted as consultant to the probation officer to monitor Ashland's compliance thrughout its U.S. facilities following Ashland’s environmental criminal matter involving a refinery formerly owned by Ashland at St. Paul Park, MN. He was appointed by the federal district court to that consultant position with the joint recommendation of Ashland and the U.S. Department of Justice.